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The Simply Beautiful Dining Room: Crescent Way Project Reveal Part 2

Crescent Way Project Reveal Series

Part 2: The Simply Beautiful Dining Room

Part 3: The Simply Beautiful Family Room + Primary Bedroom (coming next week!)

I'm back! It's time for the next part of the Crescent Way project reveal: the dining room. Designing these two rooms together was an absolute joy. The dining room complements the kitchen and breakfast nook perfectly, creating a seamless flow of style and comfort throughout the home.

The kitchen boasts a captivating blend of modern and traditional details, enhancing its timeless charm. We carried this balance of style into the dining room, ensuring that each space feels cohesive yet distinct. The carefully selected materials, colors, and furnishings create a dining room that's both elegant and inviting.

Now, let’s dive into the dining room transformation. Before we get to the grand reveal, let’s take a look at where it all began.


This was the dining room before its makeover. When stepping into a home from the mid-2010s, you'd encounter interiors that were similar to this one: cool-toned, somewhat dreary, and lacking warmth. The grey wallpaper, with its iridescent pattern, contributed to the overall dimness of the space. However, amidst these elements, we recognized the potential of the wainscoting and made the deliberate choice to preserve it.

Without further ado, here is the finished dining room!


This room exudes luxury and grace, and I absolutely adore it. Opting for a cream but patterned wallpaper was a game-changer, as it brightened up the space instead of making it feel darker and smaller. The wainscoting now seamlessly blends in, no longer creating a stark contrast that feels out of place. With the addition of a large funky mirror and stunning piece of artwork, the walls are adorned with opulence.

We made the decision to mix wood tones here, mirroring our approach in the kitchen, and I couldn't be happier with the result. The floors boast a mix of warm and cool tones, tying everything together beautifully. The rug we selected—a cream with a cool grey/blue pattern—adds just the right amount of coziness to the space.

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The dining table, crafted from gorgeous natural wood is paired with matching mid-century modern chairs that just ooze style. I'm absolutely smitten with how this space effortlessly blends MCM charm with classic elegance. These chairs bring such a unique character, perfectly complementing the industrial stools we’ve chosen for the kitchen. It’s like they’re having a conversation with each other across the rooms—it's a design match made in heaven!

When it comes to decorating a dining room table, I'm a firm believer that less is often more. That's why I opted for a simple floral arrangement and a couple of earth-tone vases.

But let's be honest, when is "more is more" ever a bad thing? Especially when it comes to the lighting fixture we chose for this room. Talk about bold! Doesn't it just elevate the space perfectly? I'm absolutely in love with its unique and playful design. The large mirror reflects its light, transforming the space from day to night and creating a striking difference that truly enhances the room.

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The buffet exudes a hint of mid-century modern charm, adding character to the room. The wood tone chosen for this piece leans towards a warmer hue, contributing to the inviting atmosphere. To maintain a balanced color palette, I opted to style the top of the console with objects that feature cooler tones. The lamps, with their sleek and modern design, serve as a perfect counterbalance to the warmth of the wood tone, adding a touch of sophistication to the overall aesthetic.

In order to infuse visual interest into the design, I incorporated a coffee table book and a stunning black pitcher. The juxtaposition of textures and shapes adds depth to the arrangement. Additionally, I paired two white vases—one lidded, the other showcasing a delicate arrangement of wildflowers. This thoughtful styling of the buffet elevates the room with a sophisticated charm, filling the space with warmth and personality.

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The artwork we've chosen for the dining room is a beautiful abstract painting. Its muted colors and elegant gold frame perfectly complement the space, adding a touch of sophistication to the room.

This dining room transformation at the Crescent Way project has been an incredible journey. From dark and dated to bright and inviting, we’ve created a space that blends luxury with warmth and comfort. It’s been a pleasure to share this process with you, and I hope you find inspiration in the details and design choices. Stay tuned for the final reveal of the family room next week!

In the meantime, explore the Crescent Way Collection at LW Home to bring a touch of this beautiful transformation into your own home. Thank you for following along!



Contractor: @breinholtdevelopment

Photographer: @johncwoodcock


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