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The Simply Beautiful Family Room & Primary Bedroom: Crescent Way Project Reveal Part 3

Crescent Way Project Reveal Series

Part 3: The Simply Beautiful Family Room + Primary Bedroom

Welcome back, friends!

I’m thrilled to share the final chapter of the Crescent Way Project with you. Today, we're stepping into two of my favorite spaces: the family room and the primary bedroom. These rooms are the heart and soul of the home, where cozy moments and restful nights happen. Designing them was such a joy, and I can’t wait for you to see how we've transformed these spaces into luxurious, inviting retreats.

Grab your favorite drink, settle in, and let's start off with the family room!



Before we arrived, this room felt dark, dreary, and was fully carpeted, which wasn't working for the client's vision.

I knew I wanted this space to feel bright and inviting when we were done with it. And I just love how it turned out. This view of the family room highlights the open concept layout. The kitchen and dining room in the background perfectly complement this space. We've used the area rug and furniture to frame the family room, creating an ideal spot for chatting, lounging, or movie nights with the whole family. With a big sectional and two gorgeous chairs, there's seating for everyone.

We chose a warm gray for the couch and added designer pillows for a cozy touch. The chair cushions are a blue gray, which contrasts beautifully with the warm wood of the chairs. I absolutely love the charm in this space. This family room setup is not extraordinary or out of this world, but it perfectly matches the overall design. The simplicity of the foundation makes it timeless, allowing the decor to shine and giving the client the flexibility to update it as they wish.

Here, we get a better view of the stunning wood chairs, showcasing their beautiful contrast and unique design.

Between them sits an elegant gold and marble table that adds a touch of luxury to the room. We styled this table with a carefully curated coffee table book, a chic vase with flowers, adding both beauty and functionality. These pieces not only enhance the room’s aesthetic but also make it feel inviting and complete. You can shop the Crescent Way Project collection at LW Home to find these exact products and bring a touch of this sophisticated style into your own home.

Styling this coffee table was such a delightful experience. I love the harmonious blend of cool-toned blues, greens, and grays. The table itself, made of cerused oak provides a stunning contrast to the light grey couch, creating a visually appealing focal point.

We broke the styling down into three main sections: the moss planter, the glass bottles, and the tray. The moss planter, a favorite over at LW Home adds a touch of natural beauty and texture (we’re hoping to re-stock this soon!). Next, we have two emerald green glass jugs. The larger jug stands elegantly on its own, while the smaller one is elevated by two large coffee table books, adding height and interest.

Our final vignette features a tray adorned with a colorful coffee table book topped with an abstract object, complemented by a beautiful cool brown ceramic vase. Each piece brings its own charm, coming together to create a cohesive and inviting display.

The side table has a minimal and modern look, highlighted by a unique wicker bar across the middle. Let’s break down the styling into three sections: the sculpture, the book and box, and the flower vase.

First, the stunning marble and metal sculpture stands on its own, showcasing a beautiful contrast of materials and colors. The marble block provides a solid foundation for the abstract metal piece it supports. Next, I paired a small book with a bone box on top for added visual interest. I love using decorative boxes like this for practical storage—a secret spot for essentials that need a home, like the TV remote.

Two large coffee table books are stacked in the back, topped with a stunning floral arrangement in an oversized vase. The books elevate the flowers to be level with the other decor, ensuring the arrangement remains the focal point.

And that's the family room! It's simple, stunning, and oh-so inviting. Now, let's head over to the primary bedroom and see how we transformed it into a luxurious retreat.



Behind the subdued beige color palette, this room boasts stunning features like expansive windows and elegant wainscoting along the walls. Transforming the primary bedroom was a matter of introducing new furniture and LWD styling to elevate its ambiance.

To infuse life into the space, we leveraged abundant natural light streaming through the large windows, influencing our design decisions significantly. A key enhancement was replacing dated brown blinds with light linen shades, adding elegance while maintaining practical light control. We also changed the window treatments to be outside mount roman shades. This makes the windows appear larger and look more finished. Introducing a warm-toned vintage rug was pivotal—it not only tied the room's color scheme together but also provided depth and anchored the furniture arrangement.

Above the bed, carefully chosen artwork harmonizes with the room's palette and enhances its aesthetic appeal. Landscape art, in particular, complements the bedroom setting beautifully, adding a touch of tranquility and visual interest. I love the touches of blue in the art piece and also the pillow on the bed.

The bed frame, in neutral linen with a tall paneled headboard, anchors this space with understated elegance. Its king-size stature and accompanying leather bench exude luxury and comfort in abundance. Complementing these features are the bold and chic black nightstands adorned with gold pulls, offering a striking contrast to the room's light color palette.

Each nightstand is styled minimally yet effectively. On the left, a coffee table book rests beside a round vase filled with water and Magnolia stems. Adjacent to it, the Libby Glazed Planter from LW Home serves as a convenient catch-all for essentials like chapstick or earbuds, blending functionality with aesthetic appeal seamlessly. On the right side, I've styled the identical lamp and ceramic vase, alongside a whimsical sun-shaped object.

Thank you for coming along with me on this detailed tour of the family room and bedroom. If you're inspired by this design and want to bring some of these beautiful pieces into your own home, you're in luck! You can shop the entire Crescent Way Project collection over at LW Home.

Head over to LW Home and explore the Crescent Way Project collection to find your new favorite pieces.



Contractor: @breinholtdevelopment

Photographer: @johncwoodcock


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