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What sets Lexi Westergard Design apart is her effortless, classic style with modern elements and functionality. Her full-service packages are for busy families who need a professional hand. It’s a long-term investment as her timeless aesthetic won’t go out of style in the near future. Her designs are polished, airy, and textural.

From a young age, Lexi Westergard found herself interested in the difference between house and home. Her mother taught her that what made a space beautiful is the time spent in and on it—living within its walls and maintaining it with care. That concept inspired Lexi to attend the American Institute of Interior Design and pursue a career as an interior designer.

Now a mother herself, Lexi prides herself in designing homes that don’t sacrifice style or
practicality for the other. 

She specializes in putting a professional touch on her clients’ unique vision, layering styles, textures, and patterns for a fresh, curated look. Her homes are meant to be lived in for years to come, with timeless character and custom elements that tie the space to its owners.When she isn’t designing, Lexi enjoys spending time with her family in the comfort of their own home or exploring the world outside it.

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