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Mountain View Project Reveal: Living Room

We have been revealing our Mountain View Project over the last few weeks and today we are sharing the living room. In case you missed it, you can tour the entry here and the piano room here. Before we dive in a little recap on this project. Our clients have lived in this house for several years so they hired us to furnish their home and help create a cohesive look. They are a young family with six kids, so it was essential the home was kid friendly while still being beautiful.

We wanted the living room to feel more formal while still being inviting. We added paneling to the walls to create architectural interest while not taking away from the view, because when you have a view this breathtaking you make it the focal point of the room! While selecting our color palette we used the mountain view as inspiration, pulling blue tones from the sky, greens from the trees, and a pinky coral color from the mountains.

To maximize seating in the living, we placed two large sofas facing each other with chairs in between them creating the perfect moment  for family gatherings. The bookcases add height while the open shelves and accessories allow a light and airy feel. Above the sofa hangs art that speaks to the colors found throughout the space. To add uniqueness to the room we added a museum light that highlights the art. Every piece was hand selected to blend seamlessly together and add to the focal point of the gorgeous mountain view! Stay tuned as we reveal the final space from this project, the master bedroom, in the next couple weeks.

Photography: John Woodcock


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