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Canyon Creek: Living Room Reveal

As the final stop in our Canyon Creek Project, it's a bittersweet goodbye. This remodel was such an immense transformation - from dark, dated, and desert, to bright, airy and modern. Today, we're giving you an in-depth look at the living room. A massive, two story space that needed brightening up, cozying up, and overall, glowing up.

To begin, we painted everything Dunn Edwards Warm White. It prevented things from feeling too stark white, while reflecting a ton of natural light throughout the space. We designed a custom millwork treatment for the space, giving the second story windows a true purposes and adding so much needed detail to the walls. The result of this substantial design change is a room that feels grand - a complete 180 from what it was before.

I love how this space truly sets the tone for the rest of the home - tonal, layered, warm and inviting. We achieved this by layering a large jute area rug under our Davis Hand Knotted Rug. One of the oldest tricks in my book, this allows us to get that signature layered LWD look without splurging too much on a massive area rug. It also adds a splash of color without turning the entire living area into a blue room.

The impressive scale of this space called for large furnishings, so we opted for a navy custom sofa paired with an adjacent leather sofa and two oversized arm chairs. A giant floor lamp was added to fill the space visually and bring the eye up. The round coffee table helps keep traffic flowing around all three sides and breaks up the rectangular repetition of the windows and millwork. Above the sofa, a giant piece of artwork was hung creating a beautiful focal point for the space.

Finally, a statement chandelier was hung and is a focal point from both the living room and the upstairs loft area. It's scale was just what the open space really needed and I love the combination of the masculine iron finish and linen lampshades. We accessorized the space with our Luna and Aurora Bowls and an assortment of custom pillows for a hint of pattern.



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