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New Build, Large Scale Remodel + Full Furnishing Packages  

Lexi Westergard Design has a solution for each phase of your interior design project. Regardless of the scale, Lexi and team provide a full-service experience that accounts for every detail from consultation to completion. Because no two projects or clients are the same, they offer packages that can be adapted to achieve your specific goals and vision for your home.


If your space needs an overhaul but you aren’t looking to make any structural changes, this package is for you. Lexi’s process is centered around the client’s aspirations for their space. It begins with a thorough consultation, followed by a presentation of Lexi’s plan of execution. Clients are invited to enjoy the process and let Lexi and her team manage the tedious details, with efficiency and expertise.

At the final installation, clients find a home or living area that is visually interesting, polished, and beautifully attuned to their needs.



Client consultation

Design board and presentation

Professional spatial planning

Hand-selection and purchasing of furniture, fabrics, window treatments, and accessories

Tracking of ordered items and timeline management

Complete installation and styling


Whether you are building from the ground up or reworking an existing space, one thing is certain: it’s all about the details. Each home presents its own set of challenges that can overwhelm and cause unnecessary stress for the property owner. Lexi Westergard Design is available to oversee every aspect of your project. They go beyond design to liaise with the contractor, manage timelines, and provide full installation. The Lexi Westergard Design team excels in hand-selecting finishes, fabrics, and furniture that complement one another and create a layered and refined home.



Client Consultation Presentation of plan, including design boards, samples, and a spec book for the homeowner and contractor


Collaboration with contractor on floor plans, interior drawings, cabinetry, and elevations


Professional spatial planning


Coordination of lighting placement and millwork


Hand-selection of finishes, hard surfaces, plumbing fixtures, paint colors, and materials


Walk-throughs and on-site visits to field questions and monitor progress


Meetings with architects, builders and contractors


Hand-selection and purchasing of furniture, fabrics, window treatments, and accessories


Ordering and tracking of purchases


Complete installation and styling for a truly move-in ready home





Complete our design inquiry form here, including your desired timeline, budget and project details and we'll get back to you shortly to discuss your project in more depth.



After receiving your initial inquiry, we want to know about your project and your overall style. We want to understand how your family lives, what colors you love, and what styles you like to stay away from. This phase is critical in preparing the most accurate and beautiful custom proposal.



After evaluating your project scope along with your needs and budget, we'll present your formal proposal, estimating the number of hours required to complete your interior design or new construction project. 


trade day

One of our favorite days! We'll meet at your house to take measurements, snap photos, take extensive notes on any final criteria, and meet with any trades people to help get bids.



After getting a thorough understanding of your home, we'll execute the floor plans, elevations, selections of hard surfaces, furnishings, fabrics, etc. During the planning phase, we'll price out every aspect of the project to define the final budget.



With the conceptual direction of your home created, we’ll design and present your home’s design plan right down to the final details including flooring, cabinetry, fixtures, wallpapers, furnishings and artwork. On presentation day, we'll cover all aspects of your home's design including floor plans, elevations, finishes, furnishing and itemized budget.


ordering +

Once the design is approved, we place the orders for all the materials and furnishings while communicating the finalized design to your builder. Additionally, we'll be the point of contact for all vendors during your project, using an advanced client management software. Finally, we'll coordinate delivery to personally check for any damages or incomplete orders upon arrival.


site visits

We'll schedule periodic site visits to check the progress of the build or remodel, answer any questions, talk with contractors, and ensure designs are coming to life as planned. We take the headache out of a renovation or new build by ensuring a superior quality of work is maintained by all parties involved in the design.



After months of construction, this is when your house truly becomes your home. We'll coordinate the movers and handymen to arrive early in the morning, while our team positions furnishings, hangs artwork and adds layers of warmth through accessories and personal details. Depending on the square footage of your home, installation can range from one to five days.



After every detail is perfected, we have the immense honor to welcome you into your new home! This is the first time you'll see the full design process come to life. We'll bring a professional photographer to shoot your beautiful new home and leave you to begin making a lifetime of memories with your family.

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