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Whisper Ridge Project: Master Bedroom + Den Reveal

We've reached the final reveal of our Whisper Ridge Project! Last week, we shared the kitchen and dining room - if you missed that, you can check it out here.

Let's get straight to the good stuff. The master bedroom!

Upon entering the room, you're immediately met with the most stunning view of the Arizona landscape right outside the bedroom window. That view was our inspiration for the entire design for this space. Like the rest of the home, we incorporated organic elements and desert tones.

Above the bed, we found this perfect art piece that is a nod to Arizona without it literally screaming "Southwest". It features the iconic red mountains that are not just symbolic of our state but also evoke the charm of the picturesque town of Sedona.

Now, let's talk pillows. We didn't want to stop at just the usual shades of brown, so we've introduced mossy greens and a dash of deep yellow to inject some real vibrancy into the space. And at the foot of the bed, we've placed a sleek leather bench that subtly plays off the rich red and brown hues in the artwork above the bed.

In the sitting area, we really took the view into consideration. Our latest crush is the color green, so we custom-designed this gorgeous green velvet sofa that stands out beautifully against the backdrop of the Arizona landscape peeking through the window.

To keep things harmonious, we chose a more neutral, abstract style rug, not to compete with the floral rug beneath the bed. This allows the rugs to co-exist beautifully.

You'll notice the combination of materials in this room. We chose different materials such as metal, wood, and various fabrics because it helps the room feel more curated and intriguing.

Moral of the story: don't be afraid to mix materials! You may just stumble upon combinations that truly inspire and elevate your room's feel.

Now, onto the den! Our client needed their den to function as an office most days but also transform into a cozy guest bedroom whenever family and friends come to stay. Our mission was to ensure that this room could effortlessly shift from a workspace to a sanctuary for guests. Soothing, moodier tones mixed with subtle beige hues became the foundation of the room's design. These colors brought a sense of tranquility, making it an ideal space for both focused work and restful slumber.

Gone are the days of uncomfortable, clunky sleeper sofas! In this design, we introduced a sleeper sofa that's not just functional but incredibly comfortable. It boasts a luxurious Tempur-Pedic mattress that promises a great night's sleep. When not in use, it effortlessly transitions into a stylish and cozy couch, perfect for working or lounging.

To ensure that guests had their own private retreat, we installed a door to the room. This simple addition instantly transformed the space, offering the option for complete seclusion when needed.

As we say goodbye to our Whisper Ridge Project, we're filled with gratitude to share our passion for organic, earthy design with all of you. Stay tuned because we've got some exciting project reveals lined up, each with its own distinctive flair.

Photography by: John C Woodcock


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