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Whisper Ridge Project: Entry + Living Room Reveal

Wow, it's been awhile! We've been so busy over here at LWD working on some very exciting, new and *old* projects ;) Those of you who have been around for awhile will know exactly what we mean by that!

With that, I'm elated to be revealing a project that we wrapped up earlier this year! It's earthy, organic and full of so many textural elements.

Introducing.... Whisper Ridge!

Upon opening the front doors, you are immediately greeted by this grand entryway that sits just off to the right of the front door. Earthy hues and nature inspired textures set the tone for the rest of the home. One of my favorite pieces is the textured vase that houses the greenery because it adds warmth and color while still embracing the organic and earthy feel!

As you make your way in, you're met with a stunning view of the Arizona mountains - and windows that flood in all of the beautiful natural light.

This is our client's second home and they wanted the home to feel different from their home in Washington. So we embraced the Arizona landscape as we designed this home. Before we get into the details - let's talk Arizona style! With the Whisper Ridge Project, our goal was to capture the essence of our states beauty while steering clear of those well-worn southwestern tropes. The stunning exterior views acted as our inspiration – think warm terracottas, soothing earth tones, and serene neutrals. The result is a stunning blend of indoor and outdoor beauty that's sure to be soothing to the senses.

Our Whisper Ridge Project started as an empty canvas – a beautifully built home. But it was missing a few architectural elements. In the living room, the original build only had one niche for built-ins on the right of the fireplace. We borrowed some space from the neighboring wall in the master bedroom behind the living room and added a niche on the right side of the fireplace. This allowed us to add symmetry and create a more cohesive look. We then had these beautiful custom cabinets and shelves made to add storage. I'm so happy that we made that decision because it now serves as the focal point that commands attention.

From the rugs, to the pillows and decor. Every piece was thoughtfully curated to embrace the organic style of this house that now feels like a home! For an added bonus, enjoy this sneak peek of the kitchen that we'll share all of the details of next week! ;)

We hope you've enjoyed this journey through the living room of Whisper Ridge. Stay tuned as we continue to reveal one room at a time. You don't want to miss the heart of the home coming next!

Photography: John Woodcock


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