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Seattle Magnolia Project: Living + Dining Room Reveal

It has been a little bit since we have shared a new project reveal with you all. With that being said, we are so excited to finally be announcing the first look into our Seattle Magnolia Project! This was a full service project , but since this home was out of state, we were able to complete the design process entirely virtual. We achieved this by having meetings via Zoom, FaceTime and email. We struck luck with this virtual project because the client also happened to be the builder of the home which was SO helpful with getting accurate measurements and all other details required. Originally, because our clients are builders, they built this as a spec home, but as the process got started, they quickly fell in love with the home and wanted to make it their own! That is when they called us and we put our virtual designing skills to the test -- because we have spent many years perfecting this process, we felt it was pretty seamless, if we do say so ourselves ;)

Since we were brought in after the building plans were already complete, our role here was to help with all things furnishings. The property has beautiful views of the lake so our clients wanted it to feel coastal. Less seashells and surfboards and more of a Modern Northwest Coastal vibe. This meant simplifying the color palette by incorporating lighter tones, natural textures and adding warmth with woven accents.

First, we will be taking you through the living room. The focal point of this room and the jump off point to the design was this beautiful fireplace that the client had designed. Along with the fireplace, the windows served as the inspiration to the furnishings we chose with the stunning views of the Seattle landscape. The goal here was to have the home feel coastal without it screaming coastal. We chose art and decor pieces that represented the lake without literally screaming "lake life."

One design tip I always stand by is to not be scared of mixing furniture colors or materials. You'll notice here that the sofa and the accent chairs are completely different but they all compliment each other so well! We tied in coastal colors throughout the furniture as well as the accent pillows. Which we design completely in house, might I add!

Next we have the dining space. Our clients have 2 kids and love to entertain so we opted for a longer table that allows for more seats. We chose this dark natural wood table that compliments the pendant beautifully. We paired the table with these gorgeous wishbone chairs and a textural rug underneath that creates the perfect contrast to the earth tones. You'll notice the window treatments are cohesive throughout. With all the windows and gorgeous natural light, our goal was to create a multi-functioning space while maintaining the warm, minimalistic style.

Next time on the blog, we will be revealing more of this gorgeous Northwestern Coastal home by taking you through the family room and kitchen. Stay tuned!

Photography by: John Woodcock


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