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Our Guide to the Perfect Hostess Gifts

‘Tis the season for gifting and with lots of celebrations on the books, hostess gifts are must. Finding the perfect hostess gift can be stressful though, and often they go unused. For this very reason, I love to focus on items that feel like little luxuries. Think beautiful hand towels, natural soaps and reclaimed serving boards that hosts will use again and again. Today, we’re taking the guesswork out of gifting with a roundup of the very best hostess gifts for each and every party this season. Read our tips for curating the perfect present for your holiday hostess and shop our favorites below!

1. Practical + Beautiful

We all have those items that we absolutely adore but never buy for ourselves. Staples like timeless dish towels, candles or elegant platters make the very best hostess gifts. Think about items that your recipient will use daily.

2. The Finer Basics

Speaking of practical, just because you are gifting items that will be used daily doesn’t mean they can’t be special. I love gifting finer basics that recipients wouldn’t necessarily indulge in themselves. Things like a beech wood dish brush, or this natural dish soap + hand soap combination make the perfect hostess gifts that feel luxe but will 100% be used.

3. Keep it Simple

Minimal is best when wrapping your hostess gift. Something as simple as a gorgeous velvet ribbon with a sprig of rosemary looks so elegant while making it easy for your hostess to see what your gift is and utilize it right away.

4. Party Ready

I love to gift items that are ready to use immediately. For instance, if you are bringing an appetizer, make that a gift. This could be a beautiful charcuterie board on a marble tray that you leave for the hostess.

5. Choose What You Love

Don’t overthink it - the biggest trick with getting hostess gifts is to pick what you love and get creative. If you are staying more than one night, your gift can be a little more generous. For example: mixing bowls with wooden spoons and organic pancake mix with maple syrup so you can prepare breakfast one morning.

Our Favorite Hostess Gifts

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