7th Avenue Project: Master Bedroom + Hallway Reveal

Today, we’re sharing more from our 7th Avenue Project, a polished and modern family home with plenty of charm and texture. Tour the entry and great room here and the family room and dining nook here. The homeowners wanted a space that is livable for them and their two young daughters without sacrificing style or architectural interest.

The Hallway

Hallways can be such tricky spaces to design. They come in so many shapes and sizes, and while it’s easy for a hall to feel cluttered, leaving it empty can make a home feel unfinished. We first found the perfect console table to create a focal point. The dark grey color provides some contrast to the white walls. The use of gold accents throughout the home extend to this space as well. We love a good circular mirror and I opted for a larger one to fill wall space and make the area feel bigger simultaneously.

Our clients had a small piece of art that was a wedding gift from an artist friend that we really wanted to feature in a special way. We decided to place it on a lit stand on the console table so every time our clients walk by, it can be a sweet reminder every day when they walk by. The art light also provides a subtle glow in the hallway, in lieu or an expected table lamp. The console also serves as book storage (as long as the books have neutral toned jackets!) and we incorporated plenty into the design.

Since this is a family home, I wanted to display as many personal photos as I could in the most aesthetic way possible. At the end of the hall, we installed a little gallery wall full of matted black and white photographs of the homeowners and their girls.

The Master Bedroom

At first glance, the master bedroom almost has a serene palette of blues and golds and the art above the bed that closely resembles crashing waves on a grey beach. A closer look reveals so much more going on in this room, style-wise. A challenge in every master bedroom is to layer as many interesting hues and textures as possible without taking away from the element of sanctuary. This room is light and airy, thanks to the bright walls and bedding, but it’s grounded by the dark rug, bed, and nightstands. Thankfully the homeowners love blue as much I do, because it’s a color we used throughout this project and especially in this room, which displays at least five different shades that really bring the calm.

Another challenge this room presented was space. Keeping furniture minimal was important so as to not overcrowd the space. We opted for two large matching nightstands for each side of the bed in place of a dresser for that reason. It helps that they’re gorgeous, too. We had a custom velvet bench with channel tufting made for the foot of the bed. Two more space-savers (and show stoppers) are the mounted swing arm lamps. They also add a modern element in an otherwise more traditional room.

Areas like hallways and master bedrooms are often the last spaces to receive design attention because homeowners want to focus on common areas that visitors will see. They are so important, though. These in-between areas and rooms that only you see are where you spend so much time. We love the challenge of transforming them into beautifully-styled, serene, and functional rooms that you can’t wait to show off. Stay tuned for more 7th Avenue reveal photos, including bedrooms designed for growing girls and a playroom the whole family can enjoy.

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