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What a Designer Considers for Their Own Renovation

It's no secret in the industry that designers have a hard time designing for themselves, and I have to admit - I am no exception. As an interior designer, I understand the limitless options when renovating. As I wrap up my personal renovation, I thought it would be incredibly helpful to outline the things I focus on most when designing for myself. In today's blog post, we're covering exactly what a designer considers for their own renovation.

Curating Inspiration

Like every design project, I'd begin with finding your inspiration. My favorite place to compile inspiration is always Pinterest. The key to narrowing decisions in your own renovation is to compile images of spaces you like onto one Pinterest board, then look for the common denominators. For instance, if you see a recurring theme between multiple images like dark countertops with light and airy cabinetry, you'll be able to omit the other images and begin consolidating down.

As you begin to identify the things you really like in the images, make sure to delete any other Pins from that board that no longer fit that vision. Keeping a clear, concise vision throughout the project (even in the inspiration phase) will lead to a smoother, more successful design process.

Stick to Things You've Loved Forever

At Lexi Westergard Design, our interior designs in Phoenix always lend themselves more traditional than contemporary. Although we add modern touches, the bones of our designs always stand the test of time. When designing for myself, I knew one thing I wanted was light creamy/gray perimeter cabinetry in the kitchen with a contrasting island. I have been drawn to that combination for years and was so glad that by the time we finally remodeled our kitchen that I still loved it.

The same concept applies to other rooms when it comes to hard surfaces. Laundry rooms, bathrooms or mudrooms should always stick to timeless finishes and materials, but you can modernize them with interesting applications. For instance, in our powder room, we just installed a beautiful marble mosaic floor in a beautiful geometric pattern. This combination feels elevated and timeless without feeling stuffy or outdated.

Where to Invest & What to Save On

Always, always, always invest in nice cabinetry. They are the workhorse for any home, being opened and closed dozens of times a day. Quality cabinets will hold up to daily wear and tear and remain more sturdy long term. The second thing I knew I wanted to invest in was lighting. Nothing makes a kitchen more unique and look high end than beautiful pendants or sconces. The combination of quality cabinetry and luxury lighting create a design that will grow and evolve over the years.

When deciding where we could save in out kitchen, we went with a fridge/freezer combination that isn't a true built-in. We saved thousands by making this swap instead of a designer brands often seen. Additionally, we reused our existing microwave, but moved it into the pantry out of site. All those savings helped me to splurge on the Italian range I've been eyeing for years, and have sourced for multiple clients!

Construction just wrapped this week and I'm so excited to share the reveal so soon! To catch up, you can check out my kitchen design plan here, and see the progress in my guest bath here.


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