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Westergard Home: Playroom Reveal

Today I am sharing a glimpse into my own home! I recently redesigned our playroom with the help from Gabby Home and I am excited to share the full reveal with you! Prior to the redesign we only had a rug, art, and an old toy storage cabinet from Ikea in this space. We incorporated the rug and art work into the new design, but upgraded the toy storage cabinet for a closed cabinet. Since our playroom can be seen from our entryway and kitchen, I wanted to keep the design playful, but also sophisticated. This also allows the space to grow with my kids as they get older.

For the space, I also wanted to create a functional solution to store and hide all of their toys. We replaced our toy storage cabinet for this beautiful console by Gabby. It has plenty of storage to add multiple baskets and some larger toys that my kids play with on a daily basis. We have a hall closet where we store all of the other toys in bins. This allows us to hide all the toys while also keeping everything organized.

I've always wanted to paint this room to create a more cozy feel and add contrast to my bright and airy home. After testing a few samples we landed on this dark blue paint color. It is the perfect shade and transformed the space so much! The room also had a large empty wall and I thought it would be the perfect spot to add a gallery wall to display all of our favorite photos. This might be my favorite element of the entire space!

The sofa pulls out to be a bed and we have been getting good use out of it since we have gotten it. On the weekends, the kids love to have sleep overs in here. It is the cutest thing ever and I love how excited they get!

Who knew the playroom would be one of my favorite rooms in the house? I love getting to spend time in here with my kids playing games, barbies, Paw Patrol, and seeing their little imaginations come to life!

Photography by Rennai Hoefer

Sponsored by Gabby


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