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LW Home Favorite Pillow Combos

We are so excited to be offering designer pillows over at LW Home! We love having custom pillows made for each of our projects, they really take the space to the next level. We selected fabrics that all work really well together so it would be easy to mix and match yourself. But if you are still a little overwhelmed, don't worry we’ve got you covered with our “Favorite Pillow Combos” guide. And as a special bonus to our customers, all of our pillows ship for free!!

Fun fact: when we first started working on LW Home months ago, the idea was to start an online pillow shop with a few of our favorite accessories. After the initial planning phase and with excellent insight from our team, we decided that if we were going to open a shop, why not do it the right way! And so began LW Home, which has actually grown to be much bigger (and better) than we expected! Go big or go home, am I right?


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