A Transitional Guide to 2019 Design Trends

Our signature style here at Lexi Westergard Design balances the line between traditional design and a modern lifestyle. I tend to steer clear of trends as our custom build and remodel projects are designed to withstand the test of time. While color or pattern trends are fun to play around with, I recommend reserving them for items like pillows or accessories that can be switched out easily and affordably.

Below, I’ve rounded up my picks for Transitional Design Trends in 2019. These warm and inviting design choices will be around long after the year is over and are key elements to crafting a home bespoke to you and your family. Overall, I see transitional design moving to a slightly more earthy and organic approach paired with clean lines and thoughtful details we know and love in traditional homes.

Black Accent Counters

Black kitchen (and bathroom) counters have always been a timeless detail, but they're making a major push in 2019. From black marble to soapstone, quartz and even black concrete, we're seeing more and more black accent counters around the home. To keep things from looking to dark, I recommend using it only on the kitchen island, or only on the surrounding counters. It provides a great contrast against Carrara marble counters and helps things feel more like custom furniture pieces than traditional cabinets.

Lexi Westergard Design

Amber Interiors

Design Loves Detail

Polished Nickel Finishes

We're seeing more polished nickel around and it's the perfect warm chrome finish to mix with brass. I love the way it pairs with blue gray cabinetry or warms up a black kitchen island. Mixing metals in kitchens, bathrooms and even laundry rooms is key to a new build or renovation project feel more custom. By working with a polished nickel, you can easily pair your hardware or fixtures with anything from black to antique brass.

Lexi Westergard Design

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Lexi Westergard Design

Mixed Wood Tone Kitchens

Wood kitchens are making a big comeback and are bringing so much warmth into the heart of the home. We're seeing more kitchens feature natural, rough wood finishes with contrasting wood floors. I'm also loving light wood cabinetry with a deeper, darker wood island.

Simo Design

Eye for Pretty

Ceiling Detailing

Historically, the most beautiful custom homes include beautiful detailing on the ceiling and I'm so glad that's a priority in design again. From wood paneling, exposed beams, coffered details and paneling, don't forget to look up when you're planning your next custom home.

Lexi Westergard Design

Studio McGee

Lexi Westergard Design

Dark Wainscoting

Custom wainscoting is one of my favorite details in any custom build project. I love that we're seeing more wainscoting and millwork done in darker colors against white walls. For years, we've seen white wainscoting against a navy or gray wall, so I'm excited to see the color reversed.

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