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How to Style Your Kitchen Like a Designer

If it was easy everyone would be doing it, right? I think we have all seen our fair share of kitchen decor fails on Pinterest or even at one of our friends or neighbor houses. We have put together some guidelines and loose rules we follow ourselves when adding those finishing decor touches to one of our beautifully designed kitchen at its final stage. Our hope is to offer guidance so visitors into your home swear you hired a designer.

Design: Park and Oak Interior Design

The Scoop on Floating Shelves

The uptick in kitchens being designed with open shelving creates the opportunity for the addition of more thoughtful layers through accessorizing.

Think practical and usable when it comes to the lower shelves or counter space beneath. Easy access to items such as cutting boards, pitchers, bowls, cook books and such are why we love floating shelves- not only beautiful, but totally functional. Save the taller more unreachable shelves for beautiful decor like some vintage art or serving ware that only gets used on special occasions.

To fill any voids or gaps in your open shelving pottery + greenery is always a good idea.

No Lonely Islands

At Lexi Westergard Design, our motto when it comes to island styling is definitely: keep it simple.

Styling elements to consider for your island are height variation, beautiful storage and color. We love the contrast of height you get from an oversized vase and fruit bowl or tray roughly in the center of the island. Your contrasting low height item doubles as food storage for apples, pears, lemons, etc.- an easy way to encourage healthy snacking for the fam. Lastly, a splash of color easily incorporated through the stems or florals in your vase or the muted color from your fruit bowl brings a little life that your island needs.

Countertops 101: Clutter vs Functional Decor

A well styled countertop feels clean and tidy even with decor sprinkled about. One philosophy we stand by is "if you don't use it, lose it."

A crock full of spoons next to your range allows for easy access when cooking, but the wood tones bring warmth + an invitation to cook! Cook books are an easy way to layer, add color and inspire your inner chef. Check out how we doubled this cookbook holder as an easel to hold art when not in use, see beautiful and functional. A tray is a seamless way to corral smaller pieces that warrant daily use like a salt cellar, fresh herbs, oil or butter holder.

We hope our guide brings you insight on how to think and style your kitchen like a designer. For a wide selection of accessories we have curated especially for you, check out our shop to help you put these tips into practice!


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